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Torquay and District Landcare

The Torquay and District Landcare Group is committed to the sustainable management of local natural resource assets. We have an emphasis on protecting catchments, streams and remnant vegetation to ensure the associated wildlife corridors maintain a diverse and healthy environment.

Torquay and District Landcare Group is a not-for-profit community based organisation that has been working in area of Torquay and its environs since its official incorporation in 1990. The group operates on a totally voluntary structure, with members paying a $10 initial membership fee.

TDLG can boast that since 2010 we have planted well over 20,000 seedlings! We cater to all people in the community, from smaller urban, hobby farmers to large land holders and also facilitate activities with community groups, local businesses and schools.

Interested in joining us? Here are just a few examples of events over the last few years.

Re-vegetation plantings at Torquay / Jan Juc (Spring Creek, Ocean Acres), Moriac (Greenfields Reserve, Thompsons Creek), and Modewarre (Larcombes Roadside Reserve).

Seminars and workshops about bees, birds of prey, fungi, insect houses (with Moriac Primary School), keeping chooks, nature photography, regenerative agriculture, snakes, and tree pruning,  

Becoming a TDLG member is easy. There is no yearly fee, just a one-off payment of $10 per household when you first join. As a member, you have no commitment to attend any event or perform duties. We just want you to have the opportunity to come along if you are interested! Send us the completed membership form or contact us for general enquiries.

Torquay and District Landcare Projects

  • Bowman Track, TorquayBowman Track meanders through a variety of rehabilitated ecosystems that once thrived in this valley. They include, coastal tussock grasslands, freshwater and saline wetlands, and…
  • How fungi helps ecosystems functionTorquay and District Landcare Group has over the last three years been working with Fungi expert and professional photographer Alison Pouliot to present workshops that stress the ecological…
  • Spring Valley Playground and Bike Park