Surf Coast and Inland Plains Network

SCIPN is a Landcare Network operating along the Surf Coast from Barwon Heads to Anglesea and within the inland plains between Connewarre, Lake Modewarre to Winchelsea. SCIPN’s region takes in the catchments of the Thompsons Creek and Spring Creek.

Our Groups

Barwon Heads Landcare
Best Wool/Best Lamb
Connewarre Landcare Group
Friends of Lake ModewarreCommitted to the ongoing health and wellbeing of Lake Modewarre.
Rewilding Freshwater CreekAssisting landowners with rewilding planting programs in Freshwater Creek.
All SCIPN Groups

Our vision is to coordinate and facilitate cooperation between Landcare groups, friends of groups, environmental groups and the community to preserve, restore and protect the environment as well as promote sustainable land management.